There are many ways to do something good and despite pallas cat can't say thank you, in our blog we thank everyone who has already helped, from all of the creative team that loves and takes care of this animal. Sometimes enough just to remember someone with kindness and the soul of this person becomes brighter. We don’t know yet what pallas cats feel when we remember them, but we know they need food and special respect.


How to help?



Order souvenirs with pallas cat >

* You can pick favorite image of manul on our site and order souvenir you need! Specify details by mail or in the Instagram @topmanul


Paypal for feeding manul (pallas cat) and supporting the project topmanul.

You can support us by this link. 


If you want to support pallas cats in the wild through our project, please write in the comment “for wild pallas cat”.

All payments are taxed, please take this into account. We reserve the right to decide in which national park your donations will be sent.
* All donation is not in favor of the Moscow zoo, it support the seving and popularization this species, including the project.
* In 2019, payments for “wild manuls” have been sent to Saylugemsky national park.

* Payments for 2020, 2021 and 22 were usually sent to the Sayano-Shushenskaya Nature Reserve!

* Payments in 2023 and 2024 will be used for the publication of the book about the Pallas cat!

The image of this pallas cat was kindly drawn by an illustrator, an icon designer Andrey Dubravushkin © 


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