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Welcome to the creative blog about pallas cat!

You can not see here your beloved domestic cat but unique and incomparable wild  animal – pallas cat (manul), who  respect his borders and not letting closer to himself more than it is allowed by nature. You will know why pallas cat is not just a cat but a wild beast, why you can`t keep it at home and, the most important, how you personally can help to save this rare species.


Stay with us and we will tell you the most amazing details.

First time in history wild pallas cat from the zoo is hired  for remote work at the publishing house with the only purpose - to be loved and  protected!

- Varya, come out! Someone came to us.
- Manul is an ancient sacred animal.
- Imagine, they want to take me for a job.
- Who`s that, Vadim!



Day after day we broadcast online from the place of events, where wild cat manul tells about his life through the eyes of artists, authors, translators, kids, scientists and all those, who are not indifferent!